Your Comeback Starts Here

Today, we’re diving into some real talk about healing from life’s emotional punches. At Harvesters, we know you’re not alone in this journey. If you’ve ever felt like your world has turned upside down, know that others have walked this path too.

Listen to this heartbreaking story but let’s strike a deal- try not to get emotional…

Chima was a young promising, ambitious lady who had the dream of becoming a successful career woman. Throughout her undergraduate program, she deliberately turned off all kinds of social distractions to concentrate at school. With this, she found herself doing well at school with little to no friends by her side. Everyone thought she went overboard with her chosen lifestyle. However, this didn’t bother her so much. She performed so well at school until she met a reading partner. Chima and her new friend, Michael became so close and for the first time in her life, she felt like she could confide in someone.


Here’s the twist…

Chima realized how competitive Michael was but ignored the damage that could cause. When Michael realized he couldn’t perform better than Chima at school, he devised several strategies to weaken her performance at school from taking extra classes behind her back to dragging her to unnecessary church meetings. Michael realized Chima was sort of attracted to him even though she tried to hide this. This was his shot but Chima wasn’t all that stupid until… “Chima, I know we have our differences and I know you’re beginning to doubt this friendship, but maybe the reason I seem competitive to you is because I’m too embarrassed that I cannot be the man I want you to see me as. I mean it’s embarrassing seeing you perform better at school.” This was it!  Chima fell for this completely. Knowing he already had her in his web, he began taking most of her reading time, distracting her with love gestures until she began losing it at school. But, it wasn’t just her scores dropping at school, Michael wanted her out of school completely. He succeeded in defaming her, telling his friends how easy she was. Eventually, his friends each tried to take turns at her since she was that easy. She felt deeply humiliated and wanted to run away. But how could she after discovering much later that she was 3 weeks pregnant for Michael who was ready to deny it?

Chima’s tale of trust and deception reminds us that life’s twists can sometimes shatter our hearts. Just like her, you can find your way back. Here’s how:


  1. Heartbreak Detox – Unloading Emotional Baggage

Alright,  let’s talk about heartbreak. So, like Chima, you’ve just been through a serious heartbreak, and it’s like your heart has just fallen off the cliff of a tall building. First things first, it’s okay to feel like a jumble of emotions – the tears, the anger, the confusion. Give yourself permission to ride this emotional wave. Shed those tears like you’re the lead actor in a Nollywood drama.


  1. Feel It All

Healing means letting emotions flow, not bottling them up. Don’t shy away from feelings; they’re stepping stones to recovery. If anger’s knocking, let it out with a pillow punch or a good workout. And if you’re feeling lost, it’s okay to ask, “What did I do wrong?” But remember, it’s not about blaming yourself; it’s about understanding and growth.


  1. Finding Light Amidst Darkness

Heartbreak, grief, trauma, and the likes are like navigating a labyrinth of emotions. First of all, build your toolkit – a memory box, photos, or a journal to pour your heart out. And here’s the deal – surround yourself with a support system that gets it; and guess what?They might not have all the answers, but their presence is a soothing balm for your soul. Trust that even in the darkest hours, there’s a glimmer of light waiting for you.

P.S:  As a church, we get you and we have a support system that can help you through your healing journey. Join our support group by clicking this link.


  1. Getting over Rejection

Rejection? It stings like taser shock. But hey, you’re not defined by a “no.” Think of it as a detour on the way to your destination. Reframe those “what ifs” into “what’s next?” Remember, you’re not searching for everyone’s approval; you’re on the hunt for the right fit.


  1. Dealing with the D-Word – Demystifying Depression

Depression isn’t a battle to fight alone. Reach out for help – a therapist can be your guiding star. And guess what? Small victories count. Getting out of bed, having a meal – each step is a triumph. Find solace in simple joys – a favorite book, a warm cup of tea, trying something new. They might seem tiny, but they’re your lifelines.


  1. Treating Yourself Like Royalty

Ready for some self-love? You deserve it! Self-care isn’t indulgent; it’s essential. Recharge with activities that light up your soul – a Netflix binge, a soothing bath, or belting out your favorite tune. Remember, taking care of yourself is like planting seeds of positivity in your heart.


  1. Embrace the Support Squad – Lean on Your People

During your time of emotional crises, the worst thing you could do to yourself is cutting your squad off or isolating yourself. Your squad are your friends and family. They are your cheerleaders, your confidantes, your partners in crime. So, share your struggles, your triumphs, your corniest jokes – they’re your safe space. And if they suggest a movie marathon to lift your spirits, just go for it!


  1. Setting Goals – Mapping Out Your Path to Healing

Healing is a journey, and you’re the GPS. Set small goals to guide you – read a chapter a day, take a walk, or learn a new slang, make videos. These little victories are like breadcrumbs leading you out of the fog. Celebrate each one – you’re making progress, one step at a time.


  1. Finding Joy in Little Things

Ever cracked a joke that made your friends laugh? Hold onto those moments. Surround yourself with positivity – it’s like adding sprinkles to your life. Dance in the rain, share a meal with your fam, or indulge in some chops. Life’s little joys are like instant mood lifters.



The one thing you are not permitted to do after sustaining an emotional wound is carrying on the emotional baggage and demons because they will weigh you down. What do you do with them? Start by dumping them here!

Emotional storms might try to knock you down, but you’re a warrior, a survivor. Healing is your journey, and you need the right people around you to help and support you on the journey. Become a part of our support group by clicking here. Whether it’s heartbreak, grief, loss, rejection, or that tricky depression, remember that you’re not alone. Lean on your squad, embrace self-care, and celebrate every victory. You’re not just healing; you’re thriving. Keep shining, keep healing!






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