Are you Dialing the Right Line?

Poor Mabel…

She prayed and prayed, but it seemed like God was ghosting her prayers. No boyfriend, no engagement ring, just unanswered texts from potential dates. She wanted to get married so that her financial struggle could be finally over. She prayed for a wealthy business man who would love and respect her. She was stuck in a frustrating loop when it seemed like her prayers weren’t being answered.

Bible Wisdom Hits Home

One day, Mabel decided to read the Bible for some answers. She stumbled upon a verse in James 4:3 that smacked her right in the heart, here goes: “Sometimes you don’t get what you ask for because you’re asking for all the wrong reasons.”

Turning Point with Fasting

Mabel knew she had been praying for the wrong reason. Instead of a barrage of wishes, she tried something different—fasting. She sought not just answers but a profound, heartfelt connection with God. This marked the beginning of herspiritual growth journey.

Waiting on God

During her fast, she was learning the art of effective prayer and how to cultivate patience in waiting on God. In the quiet of her thoughts, she heard God’s gentle voice.  God said, “Put Me first, and everything you need will fall into place”. Does this remind you of Matthew 6:33?

Where are we going today?

99 percent of believers who don’t receive answers to their prayers are like Mabel.  They pray voraciously but with the wrong motive. A lot of us pray for visas to relocate so that we can end the supposed suffering in our lives. Some of us pray for money, so that we can prove a point to that person who didn’t give us when we asked. Some even pray to God to end the lives of others, whom they perceive as enemies; they even go as far as prescribing the preferred method of their death to God. Yeah, we pray and get nothing because often times, our motives are misguided.

Why God Ghosts Our Prayers

Mabel’s story isn’t just hers; it’s something we can all learn from. Our prayers sometimes go unheard because our motives are all mixed up. We treat God like an ATM machine rather than a loving father. The Bible says in Proverbs 16:2, “God sees what’s really in our hearts.”


A Fresh Start

As Mabel continued her fasting journey, her motives did a complete 360. She stopped pursuing a wedding ring to prove a point and started seeking a partner who could share her faith.  The result- A fulfilling, faith-based relationship that embodied the Christian values she held dear.

Talk to God, for real…

So, if you’re wondering why your prayers are bouncing off the ceiling, you need to reflect on your motives. Are they in sync with what God wants for you? Maybe, just like Mabel, you need to take a pause, have a heart-to-heart with God, and listen in silence.  This process of checking prayer motives can lead to a total spiritual transformation and a closer bond with God.

As the Rejuvenate fast comes to an end, we want you to prioritize personal fasting. Find time to fast on your own; don’t wait for the church to announce another fasting program before you embark on this spiritual exercise. Make it a part of you and watch your life move forward.  You might not only find the answers you’re seeking but also a closer bond with the one who’s always listening. If you’ve been missing any of the teachings this period, then you certainly have some catching up to do. You can catch up here.

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