How To Hear From God

Bible Text: 1 Samuel 3, Psalm 62:11

Is It Possible To Hear From God?

How good will it be to hear God speak audibly to you?
These questions and more is the desire of majority of the people that know God, the idea of having him direct you through life and speak to you audibly like a friend will speak to another. To some if it’s really this way they will be practically invincible, totally indestructible. Life will be easy to navigate and pull through, at least He knows all things, so if any danger or wrong decision is on the horizon, He will speak and let us know before we walk into it.

Have you ever had these thoughts and desire? Imagine the feeling of having to walk knowing that God’s got your back all the way: you will feel invincible, fearless and ready to go anyway as well as face any obstacle or challenge, absolutely unstoppable.
Wow! Great desire. The scripture recorded in Gen 3:8 that the voice of the Lord walked in the garden in the cool of the day and man heard it. The scriptures as well are full of accounts of God speaking to man, thus the question is; has God stopped speaking?

Developing A Listening Ear

Matthew 28:20 shows us the promise of God to always be with us till the end of the age, so taking into account this promise of God which we know, He never makes promises He can’t keep, it is certain without doubt that He never leaves us nor forsake us: Heb 13:5. If that is then the case, if God be with us who can be against us as  Romans 8:31 says; you can be certain He has never been silent when we are going through danger or need someone to talk to. He had always had our backs all this while. As a loving father, He speaks but the problem is do we hear?

The desire to have Him speak to us daily shouldn’t be a desire at all that we expect to have, because He has always been speaking; the problem is that we don’t hear or we do not know when He speaks. Just like Samuel, who could not identify that it was the Lord calling as it was said of him that he could not understand because the voice of the lord was not yet revealed to him (1 Samuel 3:7). Thus learning to hear from God starts with understanding how He speaks, you will be surprised to know that one way or the other you have heard Him in your life but you never recognized He was the one that spoke.

He’s Not A Nollywood Actor

We have always had a God whose desire is to communicate with us and be close to us but we have never been able to recognize Him speaking because we have been looking forward to that audible voice loud enough like what we see in the movies saying to us “behold’, however, this is not always the case. He seeks our understanding and speaks in the best way we can be able to recognize that He is the one speaking but sometimes even when we have that conviction we bluff it off, that it was just an ordinary hunch or feeling thus we fail to realize the way He speaks to us.

How Does God Speak To Us?
1. He speaks Audibly: John 10:27
2. He speaks through Dreams and visions- Gen 37:5-10, 1 King 3:5-15
3. He speaks through other people-Deuteronomy 18:15
4. He speaks through daily situations and events around you-Psalm 19:2
5. He speaks as a nuggets in our heart-Isaiah 30:21
6. He speaks through reading His words-2 Timothy 3:16

How To Hear From Him:
1. Constantly feed your mind with the knowledge of Him, that way you will be able to understand how He speaks.
2. Renew your mind.
3. Don’t force Him to speak to you otherwise your mind will do the speaking.
4. Be still and believe that His still small voice will come through.
5. Recognize the way He speaks to you.



I am the Lamb of a good shepherd; I position my heart to always hear the voice of the master in all my ways.


Lord, I pray you give me the ear to listen and hear you speak to me just like a father speaks to his child.

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