First Love

Text:  Jeremiah 1:5, Roman 5:8, Isaiah 50: 1-2, john 3:16

Love Defined Like We Know It

There is no greater gift better than the gift of love, he that is loved lacks nothing basic with humans as long as it’s affordable. When the heart of love for someone hits another, the care and concern for that person drives you to always want to hear, see and care about that person. It drives you to want to give to every needs and benefit of that person just to see him or her always happy. That gives you a certain level of satisfaction and happiness with a sense of fulfillment, at that point it becomes the life and breath you wish to take and breathe on, how much more when a God that can afford everything is in love with you.

How Deep Is God’s Love For Us?

“For God so loved the word that it gave His only begotten son that whosoever believe in him shall not perish for have everlasting life” John 3:16

This is the love of the One that loved us even before we exist, an unconditional love that does not require any input or benefit from us. He is the first to ever love us even before we came to understand what love is or even formed, thus that makes him our first love and the true love by which we live and breathe. It is His love for us that makes the breathe in us which is a gain for us from him each day which He makes available to keep us. His love brings all other benefits which are numerous and unlimited to us.

There is no greater love than the love of our first love, the one who loved us even before He formed us and named us with a purpose. we were created in His love but we seek out our own desired direction which is working contrary to our purpose of creation, bringing lack of peace, pain, struggle , no direction to mention but a few. The love which he loved us is the original love which is unconditional and makes us exceptional to that unique purpose He created us for, but we seek out life against the purpose of him who loved us and seek the best for us.

Jesus, Our First Love

Jesus is our first love and remains our source of life and love. The love of Jesus is unconditional without any benefit accrued to him but all benefits is given to us hence He calls us more than conquerors. This implies that before anyone ever loved you, he was the first to love you as he said before I formed thee I knew thee. Just as it is with every love relationship, He seeks that love relationship with us not for the benefit He seeks to gain from us but for the benefit He seek to shower on us as His love. He has enough and wishes to share that estate with us, only if we can give him that chance to bring us to the place of pleasure for every more. He that is in love with Him, He sustains. Taste and see the wonder of His love that makes the world move for your sake.

Just like Queen Sheba said to King Solomon, that the greatness is kingdom and His majesty by seeing and experiencing them is far greater than half of the story that was told her in her country, books upon books cannot be able to describe, the pleasure and preciousness of this love but experiencing it is worth every pleasure of life. Come, taste and see that the Lord is good.

To Be Loved, Just The Way You Are

It only takes a confession of the mouth and believes in your heart that He died and rose again from the dead. He didn’t request you come changed, He request you come just the way you are, also He does not request you change when you come, he only request you experience that love and that first love will change you. Take that step now and see everything turn around for good in your favour.

Prayer:  My father, I surrender all to you as I return unto your precious love and arm. Give me a deeper work with you never to leave your presence. Keep me in your power and grace to live the life you have ordained for me. Give me that experience of that first love with which you loved me.

Confession: I give up my heart; my soul and body to you use me the way you wish to, to your own glory. I declare you are the one that died and rose again for my sin. I believe, I declare it and I release myself as a vessel to be filled with your love. Have your way in me.

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